Zotrim Review: What You Need to Know Before Buying It

Zotrim’s patented and proven natural weight loss promoting formula will help you eat less, reduce snacking and improve your energy levels.


ZotrimWhat Is Zotrim?

Zotrim is an herbal weight loss aid created to help people manage their weight in their own way. What this supplement does is it helps you get rid of your bad eating habits so you can reduce your daily calorie intake.

Zotrim also enables you to be more active through its invigorating effect so that weight loss will stop being a struggle. The supplement contains three plant extracts known to increase energy levels and help burn more calories. Zotrim says it offers the most researched and most proven weight loss product on the market.


How Does Zotrim Work?

Zotrim was specifically created to help you take control of your eating habits and reduce the amount of food you ingest. When you eat, Zotrim makes you feel fuller more quickly and maintains your appetite satisfied for a longer period to help you eat less food and resist the urge to snack. Following the results of five clinical trials and 10 expert approved papers, researchers listed some of the ways in which Zotrim works.

Zotrim helps you eat less. People invited to a buffet lunch who took Zotrim beforehand ended up consuming 112 fewer calories on average, less high-fat foods and also stopped eating three minutes earlier than the participants who didn’t take Zotrim.

Zotrim gives you a “fullness” sensation. Those taking a placebo waited 38 minutes to empty their stomach, but people taking Zotrim took 58 minutes to empty, which means they were feeling fuller for a longer period of time.

Zotrim helps reduce snacking. Out of 73 overweight healthcare workers, 65% said they often felt the urge to snack between meals. After taking Zotrim for four weeks, only 15% of them said the same thing.

Zotrim boosts energy levels. Guarana and Yerba Maté are renowned for their energizing effect, while caffeine is recognized for enhancing alertness. One double-blind placebo-controlled study revealed exercise performance increased with 12% after adding caffeine.

Zotrim enhances the results of exercise. In a study, participants given Yarba Maté extract (the key ingredient in Zotrim) one hour prior to exercise ended up using 24% more energy from fat than those taking a placebo. This means Zotrim helps you burn more stored body fat to fuel your workouts.

Zotrim offers results without exercising or dieting. Admittedly, Zotrim offers the best results if you exercise and eat healthy, but another study revealed those taking Zotrim lost ten times more weight than the people taking a placebo, without exercising or following a special diet.

Zotrim is better than prescription drugs, tests say. In clinical trials, Zotrim offered a greater and faster rate of weight loss without a diet than three major prescription drugs did with a calorie-controlled diet.


Is Zotrim for You?

With so many products on the market, choosing the right weight loss supplement can prove to be a headache. Here are some answers to

If you don’t know where to start… Zotrim is backed by clinical studies and tackles both parts of the weight loss process: calorie burning and calorie cutting. This dual mode of action will help you better manage your eating habits and, when you add its invigorating effect to the equation, you will also have more energy to get off the couch and start being more active.

If you’re hungry all the time… Hunger is the biggest obstacle to losing weight. When you feel hungry, there’s a higher chance of overindulging yourself when you do eat. This is why achieving your weight loss goal can be hard. Zotrim helps you feel fuller faster and for longer, so you’ll not only eat less during meals, but you will also be less tempted to snack.

If you give in to your cravings… The food choices you make are the difference between failure and weight loss success. By making you feel fuller for longer, Zotrim makes it easier for you to say no when you crave junk foods.

If you lose weight, but gain it back… Slipping back into bad eating habits is a common weight loss problem, but luckily there’s a solution. Zotrim helps you maintain a lean figure by enabling you to make healthier food choices that won’t add extra weight.

If you lack the energy to exercise… To step up your weight loss, you must be more active. Zotrim contains invigorating ingredients such as Yerba Maté and Guarana, which will refresh you and give you the necessary motivation to start losing belly fat.

If you’ve tried other weight loss supplements but got no results… Dietary supplements can be found everywhere, but most of them are made from ingredients that have no evidence to support their effectiveness. Zotrim has been proven to work numerous times in clinical studies and it has the necessary science, research and customer reviews to back its claims.


Zotrim tabletsWhy Choose Zotrim?

There are thousands of weight loss products on the market and they all claim they can help you lose weight. So why choose Zotrim?

The manufacturer says Zotrim’s effectiveness is backed by five clinical trials and over ten expert-approved papers published in scientific journals. There’s no other supplement that can show achievements such as these, which means Zotrim is the most researched and most proven weight loss product on the market right now. This is why Zotrim is special: there is no other weight loss product with so much evidence backing it…

Zotrim has a history that goes back 15 years and weight loss enthusiasts have trusted it ever since. While “miracle” supplements making far-fetched claims come and go, Zotrim continues to stand the test of time… Why? Because it works.

The company says it has an international team of medical researchers that have spent years testing and improving Zotrim’s formula – which is patent protected, so you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. Zotrim’s carefully selected combination of invigorating South American plant extracts was specifically designed to burn fat and help you be more physically active.


Zotrim Ingredients

Every supplement offers results depending on its ingredients. Zotrim appears to contain a unique and patent protected combination of Yerba Maté, Damiana Leaf Extract and Guarana and this looks to be the secret behind its extraordinary weight loss results.

Yerba MateYerba Maté

Yerba Maté leaves have been used for centuries in South America for its appetite suppressing and fatigue-fighting properties. The leaves contain a higher percentage of antioxidants than green tea and its energizing effect can be very helpful when exercising. Yerba Maté not only helps you feel more active, but it also helps you burn more fat. Research has shown Yerba Maté can prevent the development of new fat stores, meaning it enables you to lose weight and also keep it off.


Guarana SeedsGuarana is a key ingredient in most energy drinks and this is because it contains more caffeine than coffee. It has a strong, stimulating effect that boosts metabolism, causing more fat to be released from fat stores into your bloodstream so you can use it to fuel your workouts. Guarana is used in Zotrim in seed extract form.


Damiana has a long history of usage in traditional herbal remedies, especially for its mood improving effects. This ingredient was added to help those who are more inclined to resort to emotional eating so they can resist the urge to snack when they are stressed. Damiana’s full benefits are unlocked when it’s blended with Yerba Maté and Guarana in Zotrim’s formula – a unique blend that helps you get rid of your bad eating habits.


It’s common knowledge that caffeine enhances energy levels. Caffeine is added in Zotrim to invigorate you and improve alertness and concentration levels. With the added energy it will be easier for you be more active and step up your weight loss.

Vitamin B3 Vitamin B6Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6

B vitamins are an essential part of a healthy diet as they have a crucial role in converting ingested food into energy. The B3 and B6 vitamins in Zotrim support optimal metabolism and minimize the feelings of fatigue and tiredness.


Is Zotrim Safe?

Zotrim is made with 3 natural plant extracts that have an excellent safety record with no known side effects. It contains 75mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to one cup of coffee, so be aware if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

Zotrim does not interact with medicine and can be used by diabetics and those taking Thyroxin or oral contraceptives. If you’re under the age of 18 and are pregnant or breastfeeding, then Zotrim recommends you consult with your doctor before taking it.


How Do You Take Zotrim?

Zotrim should be taken 15 minutes before meals. If you forget to do this, take it with a tall glass of water right before or during your meal. If you don’t have a breakfast, it is recommended that you take one dose of Zotrim in the morning and the other 2 doses with your main meals.


Zotrim In A Nutshell

  • Breaks bad eating habits
  • Makes you feel fuller faster and for longer
  • Helps reduce hunger cravings and snacking
  • Improves energy levels so you can burn more calories
  • Works even without exercise or a special diet
  • Enhances exercise and diet results
  • Proven weight-loss formula
  • High in antioxidants
  • Natural ingredients
  • Worldwide shipping
  • No side effects


Where Can You Buy Zotrim?

Zotrim can be purchased from the official manufacturer by clicking this link.


Final Verdict on Zotrim: 9.8/10

The well-researched formula is made by Natures Remedies, a company from Buckinghamshire, UK and the weight loss aid ships worldwide and UK customers receive free shipping. The starting price for a 30-day supply is $46.78 (or €41.57, £29.95), but you get better deals if you order a 3-month pack for $109.11 (or €96.95, £69.85), or the super-saver 6-month package for $194.78 (or €173.08, £124.70).

Zotrim has been around for 15 years in this crowded weight loss market and we believe this achievement speaks for itself. When you add the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, the proven effectiveness and its clinically backed ingredients to the tally, you get a clearer sense that this is no gimmick. The company’s business strategy is simple: deliver on your claims.

If you lack the willpower to eat less or stick to a diet, if you don’t have the energy to exercise, if you can’t refrain from snacking, if you want to maximize the results of exercising and if you want to feel fuller faster and for longer after a meal, then Zotrim is the perfect choice for lasting weight loss.


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