How To Stick To Your Weight Loss Plan During The Weekend

When you’re trying to lose weight, the weekend can be one of your greatest enemies and oftentimes set you back in your weight loss journey. While you may be tempted to have some dessert or a third glass of wine, it’s better to have a strategy that’ll keep you on track until Monday comes. Here are some tips that’ll help you ward off temptations and stay on course to reaching your weight loss goals.

Keep The Same Meal Schedule

In weekends it’s important to eat like it’s a normal weekday. When you stop and thinking about it, weekends shouldn’t be that different than weekdays, especially when you consider you also need to be energized if you plan on going out for the night. On Saturday and Sunday it’s easier to skip meals such as breakfast or lunch and just have a heavier dinner instead. So, make sure you enjoy all three major meals and if you’re on the go, pack some healthy snacks — just like you would during the week.


Switch Your Cocktails

If you usually drink cocktails during the weekend, it may be time to cut down your calorie consumption by keeping things simple. Switch those elaborated beverages that contain added sugars for cocktails that contain an 80-proof spirit combined with soda water — such as vodka soda. This mixer contains zero calories. If you want a little glamour in your glass, add some mint, fresh fruit, or why not both? It’s also important to pace yourself and drink slowly to make the beverage last longer so that you’ll consume fewer calories in the end. Your liver will thank your for it as well.


Have Zero-Calorie Beverages In Your Fridge

Usually, when your eating habits take a turn for the worse, your choice of beverage tends to follow its lead. Instead of indulging yourself with sugary drinks, diet sodas or coffees, choose iced teas or infused waters during the weekend. You can also save some herb trimmings and fruit scraps to make simple infused water or even add some tea or frozen fruit if you want some natural sweetness.


Plan Some Activities

If you go overboard with your alcohol consumption and you wind up staying up too late, plan an early brunch for the following day. When you have something scheduled, you tend to head home earlier in the night. You can also schedule some exercise so that you sweat off the alcohol from the night before. It never hurts to be more physically active.


Pack Some Snacks

During the weekend, it’s very important to prepare foods to take on the go. Unplanned stuff do happens, but you usually should be prepared with some healthy foods in case you get stuck somewhere. When you have healthy to-go snacks, you can have a better balanced lunch that will ensure you keep your weight in check.


Make Smarter Social Choices

If you plan to meet your friends during the weekend, it can hinder your efforts to stay healthy. However, if you must get social around food, there are a few things that you can do. Before going out for dinner, for example, preview the menu so that you know what you’ll order. This helps you reduce the poor choices you can make when there’s less time to think and you could go for something that looks amazing or just delicious – but unhealthy – things. If you go to a party, you can take some healthy dishes with you, such as hummus or creamy cauliflower so that you have something healthier to snack on.



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