Probiotics Benefits for Women’s Health

When it comes to keeping our bodies healthy, probiotics are a good way of ensuring that. The human body contains a large amount of micro-organisms, many of them being located in the digestive system, which form the so-called intestinal flora. In order for the body to stay healthy, the amount of good bacteria must be higher than the bad bacteria.

The good bacteria in our bodies are made of a variety of different probiotics. These micro-organisms help prevent or treat different types of illnesses. Therefore, it should come to no surprise that, to ensure a healthy body, especially for women, probiotics are more or less indispensable. They can be found in various foods (mainly dairy products) or dietary supplements.

Probiotics help maintain a healthy hormonal balance, which can lead to a reduction of perimenopause symptoms. They are useful in ensuring bone and breast health, as well as having antitumor and anticancer properties.

Probiotics show their main benefits especially during pregnancy. When a baby goes through the birth canal, he is colonized with gut flora that is found in the mother’s vaginal tract. The second way the baby’s gut flora is delivered is by breastfeeding. Taking this into consideration, it is more than obvious that a diet based on probiotics ensures a healthier gut flora for the mother and for the baby as a result.

As we’ve mentioned before, probiotics play a major role in maintaining a healthy hormonal balance for women, from the moment they start their menstruation all the way to their post-menstrual period. The main problem of hormonal health is maintaining a balance between estrogen and progesterone. If there is a larger quantity of estrogen women can suffer from various symptoms, such as PMS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids, hot flashes, migraines, etc.

The intestinal bacteria react with the hormones in the intestines, ensuring the breakdown products of estrogen metabolism are bound tightly in order to be safely excreted from the body. Probiotics increase the good bacteria found in the gut flora (lactobacillus and bifidobacterium), thus making sure the hormonal balance is constantly maintained by the healthy bacteria.

When it comes to women’s health, it seems not so many are aware that their vaginal health depends on the probiotic population in their organism. Various infections such as vaginitis, yeast infections and urinary tract infections are caused by a disturbance in their gut flora. It has been demonstrated that the use of probiotics reduces the risks of bladder infections. Yeasts infections, such as candida (candida albicans) are a result of a disturbance in the gut flora present in the intestinal tract, resulting in an overgrowth of candida which is already present in the body. Treatment based on probiotics helps restore the balance of vaginal micro-flora, stopping or preventing any type of vaginal infections.

Maintaining a regular consumption of probiotics is essential for every woman’s health. Probiotics help to maintain a good hormonal balance and they also ensure a strong immune system, an effective digestion process and come packed with various other benefits.

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