Probiotics and Weight Loss  


Probiotic foods have gained popularity in recent years because they contain a form of bacteria that has been scientifically proven to help the process of digestion, as well as improve the health of the digestive system. Apart from these benefits, probiotics also strengthen immunity, lower the risk of cancer and reduce allergies. Unfortunately, allergies are a very big problem of the modern world, because, apart from natural causes, there are countless new chemicals that keep being added into everything that we come into contact with in our modern life, and these can be very invasive.

Besides their protective role at the level of the digestive system, probiotics can also help you lose weight quickly. These beneficial gut bacteria have proven to be effective in slowing down the assimilation of calories, diminishing the sensation of hunger and preventing bloating and constipation. A diet rich in probiotics is a viable option for people that suffer from weight problems, scientists think.


Probiotic bacteria help metabolize complex carbohydrates and intensify fat burning in our organisms. A study that was carried out at Stanford University has proved that people who have a diet that is rich in probiotics are those that manage to maintain their weight at an optimum level, whereas people that eat probiotic foods less often tend to be overweight.

What are probiotics and how can they help us lose weight?

Probiotics are beneficial gut bacteria that we all have inside our instines and which play a crucial role in the digestive process. They supply our bodies with enzymes which are necessary in order to absorb healthy nutrients, synthesize vitamins and optimize food-produced energy consumption.

There is a strong connection between the immune system, probiotic gut bacteria, digestion and obesity. More probiotcs mean a better-functioning metabolism, therefore less fat deposits in our tissue. All in all, probiotics seem to be a viable option for those of us that wish to stabilize our weight.

Probiotic foods

Therefore, we can draw the conclusion that a diet which will help us maintain an ideal weight presupposes including probiotic foods in our daily meals. Naturally fermented foods are full of acid lactic bacteria, friendly microorganisms that prevent fat deposits from forming in our bodies. A few foods from this category that are recommended for daily consumption are yoghurt, kefir, mild cheeses, borsch, sauerkraut, pickles, mint, black chocolate, ginger, olives, tofu and soy milk.

Besides probiotics, prebiotics are another type of friendly bacteria that can help us lose weight. These are microscopic organisms that feed the probiotics in our intestines, helping them to act more efficiently in the digestive process. Prebiotics can be found in foods such as bananas, garlic, onions, honey, artichoke, asparagus, oats and red wine.

Useful tips for a probiotic diet

In order to fully benefit from all the positive effects that probiotics can have on your figure, make sure to follow a few simple steps that make a probiotic-based diet more effective. Try to eliminate sugar and complex carbohydrates as much as possible, so that the probiotics you intake can perform better at the level of your intestine, thus helping you lose weight faster. Paving an efficient way for the probiotics to reach their goal in your body can speed up the weight loss process, and also help you get the most out of the many other amazing health benefits probiotics have to offer.

Try to include a daily dose of probiotics in your diet. Luckily, this is very easy, because many of these foods are widely-available at your local grocery store. You can start eating yoghurt every morning, having some black chocolate for dessert and so on. Both probiotics and prebiotics can be found in a large variety of tasty foods, which makes losing weight more delicious than ever. Who says you have to hold back and subdue your cravings for sweet or savory foods? With probiotic foods, you can lose that extra weight and get in shape easily, while still satisfying your appetite.

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