How To Make Better Smoothies

A smoothie is a nice way to kick off your day in style. Just add some fruit into the blender, add a splash of almond milk, some ice and you’re good to go. However, mistakes are common and they can tarnish this healthy habit. Luckily, you can learn from these common mistakes and become a better smoothie maker.


Blend It More

One of the most important things with smoothies is to take your time. They’re quick to make, but don’t imagine it only takes three seconds for one to be ready. Everything needs to be blended well so that there aren’t any lumps. A regular blender needs to blend for one to two minutes, while a professional one, such as a Vitamix, should be used for one minute.


Add A Thickener

Smoothies need to be thick and creamy, that’s why they need something to give them some body. For creamy consistency, add delicious fruits with a thick flesh such as bananas, peaches, mangos or apricots. As an alternative, you can also use a tablespoon or two of chia seeds or flaxseeds, which are high in omega fatty acids.


Use Less Powders

Nutritional powders aren’t all beneficial for your. Make sure you carefully read the label so that you don’t ingest artificial sweeteners, harmful ingredients or GMOs. Switch to a non-powder protein source instead such as hemp seeds, low-fat cottage cheese, tahini, almonds, pumpkin seeds, silken tofu, oats or kale.


Make It Less Sweet

Whatever you do, don’t add sugar to your smoothie and if you’re using a type of milk that’s not dairy, choose one that is unsweetened. Almond milk, frozen bananas and berries are naturally sweet, while dates are great if you want a more sweetened drink. If your smoothie tastes too sweet in the end, use some lemon or lime juice to even out the taste.


Add Less Fruit

It’s understandable you want to add kale, berries, avocado, bananas, sprouts, quinoa, pumpkin seeds and spirulina to your smoothie, but you should consider using less types of fruit. Ideally, your smoothie should contain 3-4 superfoods, otherwise the taste can get odd, even more so if you’re using greens.


Use Less Ice

Throwing in less ice cubes makes it easier for the good omega fats from flax oil, coconut oil, nuts or seeds to get mixed into your beverage. This also ensures everything is well blended and makes you better manage the ratio of cubes to drink. Another great idea is to freeze leftover juice, be it coconut or almond mil into an ice try and use them later instead of water.


Add The Liquid Gradually

Adding in all the juice, milk or coconut water can make your smoothie too thin. Dump half the liquid when you begin and then gradually add more fruit, nuts, seeds, greens, oil, followed by ice and check if you’re into the consistency. Pour more liquid if needed.


Make Sure Your Fruit Is Ripe

If you don’t eat under-ripe fruit, then don’t use it in your smoothie either. It doesn’t taste well and it won’t help the blending process. Ripe fruit with bruises is OK, though. Smoothies aren’t about beauty, but they sure need to be tasty.

Infographic showing how to make better smoothies

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