Habits That Cause Skin Damage (Part 1)

Are you familiar with these habits? Now is the perfect time to stop doing things that cause nothing but skin damage.


Skin DamageSquinting 

Maybe you need to make an appointment with your optometrist. Wearing obsolete glasses and contact lenses will make you squint more, and in turn, cause fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. To prevent unnecessary eye aging, it’s wise to visit your eye doctor at least once a year.


Waxing Too Often

Allow your skin a period of at least three weeks to regenerate properly, especially in the sensitive areas. To prevent rashes and other type of skin damage, resist the urge to wax at the first sight of new hairs. Excessive waxing can cause raw skin and enlarged bumps.


Skipping Meals

Healthy weight loss does not get a boost if you skip meals. This bad habit can cause skin damage – dry out your skin more quickly and in turn make you age faster. To build up skin health, try to add vitamins A, B3, C and E in your meals.


Too Much Chlorine

If you like swimming as a form of cardio exercise or you if it’s one of your hobbies, know this: even after showering, chlorine can still remain on your skin and react with topical lotions, cleansers and medications. What you can do to prevent unwanted reactions and skin damage is to use an extra sudsy soap to effectively remove chlorine.


Using Dirty Eyewear

Like in the case of regular lenses, wipe your sunglasses clean. Irritations and breakouts can happen when bacteria builds up on your glasses and gets into the pores around your nose.


Forgetting about your Lips

Choose lip balm and lipsticks that have glycerin, dimethicone and glycerine to keep your lips hydrated. We all have three to five layers of skin on our lips, so you can imagine the importance of including them into your beauty routine. Having dry, chapped lips, can cause them to age faster.


Use of Phones

The hours spent talking on your phone can cause zits on your jawline and cheeks. Make sure you keep your phone clean, and your skin too. Also, it is a good idea to have antibacterial wipes with you.


Hair Products on Your Face

Use a towel to cover your face so you can protect your skin the next time you use hairspray. Also, be sure to always use a sweatband when you work out so that when you begin to sweat no hair products will drip onto your face.


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