Foods that Help You Detox

The detox process usually implies following calorie-deprived diets, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t natural ways to get your body on the right path.


Cutting out refined sugars and alcohol, exercising, keeping a healthier died – they all work, but sometimes you need some extra help to properly detox. Here are some healthy foods that have natural cleansing properties. You can incorporate them into your next meals to flush out the extra stuff that remains inside you after a big feast.


Whole Grains

Whether you’re on a detox path or not, refined grains should definitely be replaced with whole grains. They’re full of antioxidants and nutrients, and incredibly high in insoluble fiber – which helps with bowel movement. When trying to eliminate toxins from your body, the last thing you need is to be constipated.

Detox Foods

Lemon Water

Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C – which can help you lose weight and detox the body. It’s recommended you drink lemon water every morning to boost your digestion and alkalize your body.


Dark Leafy Greens

There are plenty of ways to incorporate leafy greens into your diet. You can eat them raw, add them to juices, turn them into a broth or sauté them with some olive oil. Leafy greens raise chlorophyll levels in your digestive tract. That helps you eliminate environmental toxins such as herbicides and smog.

Detox Foods

Fresh Fruit

Fruits are full of antioxidants, fibers, vitamins and a bunch of other good things that can boost your overall health. Fresh fruits are especially good if you eat them after indulging yourself to alcohol or fatty, buttery foods.



The next time you make a salad, consider adding some peppery watercress into it. It protects you from harmful free radicals, it helps energize key cleansing enzymes inside the liver and it’s also a natural diuretic.

Detox Foods


Cabbage is used in many cultures for luck around New Year’s, but it also has liver cleansing properties. Simply mix apples, caraway and cabbage for a crisp treat for your liver.


Garlic and Ginger

Garlic and ginger are considered good allies for the body when you want flush out the free radicals built inside of you. Prepare yourself a healthy stir-fry and don’t hold back from seasoning it with these two liver-friendly foods.

Garlic Ginger Artichokes


Several studies have proven that artichoke supports healthy liver and gallbladder function. Artichokes are also full of cynarin – which increases bile production, stimulates a healthy digestion and prevents indigestion. When you’re looking for natural detox foods, artichokes are a great choice.


Green Tea

When trying to detox, eating plenty of liquids is considered to be essential. And one of the best possible things you can drink is green tea. It’s high in catechins, which boost the production of detoxification and enzymes while also speeding up liver activity.

Detox Drinks


It’s very common for doctors to recommend beets when you have issues with your gallbladder. The fiber in beets stimulates your body to produce more antioxidant enzymes in the liver. This helps the liver and gallbladder dispose of bile and other toxic substances from the body.



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