Top 9 Foods That Fight Cancer

Forskolin PlantExperts believe it is possible for our immune system to destroy cancer cells and the diet can help us achieve that.

The foods we ingest are capable of activating certain messengers that stimulate proteins and enzymes that can wipe out cancer from the human body. Here are 9 foods that fight cancer.



Curcumin, the main curcuminoid of turmeric, it highly effective in fighting cancer, but also has potent antioxidant properties. Research suggests Curcumin reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, which can contribute to the creation and spread of cancer cells. Specialists consider that this compound in Turmeric is actually of greater help than several pharmaceutical solutions against several diseases.


Green Tea

Green Tea is packed with EGCG, the most powerful catechin in the composition of the beverage. EGCG helps soothe inflammation, a condition that can promote the formation of cancer cells, but can also sustain their rapid multiplication. Green Tea is also great in supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.


Sea Vegetables

Sea vegetables are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so it’s really of no surprise that kombu, wakame, nori, arame and other sea vegetables contain potent anti-cancer properties. Research has shown that sea vegetables are especially effective in fighting colon cancer, but also have the capacity to fight other types as well.


Cruciferous Vegetables

This is a no-brainer. Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, collard greens and broccoli help fight off cancer because they contain glucosilonates, which are known to trigger certain compounds within the body that have anti-cancer properties. But they don’t just inhibit cancer formation, they help kill off cancerous cells and even help ward off metastasis.



Tomatoes contain lycopene, which are potent antioxidants that prevent the formation of cancer cells and helps ward them off. Lycopene also fights inflammation, a condition known to contribute to the development of cancer and cardiovascular disease.



Garlic is known to help several aspects of your health, but it also helps fight off cancer. Research has shown that diallyl disulfide contained within this herb prevents the spreading of cancer cells, but also protects against free radicals and helps to eliminate cancer cells.


Red Grapes

Red Grapes contain a compound called resveratrol, which can effectively fight cancer. Resveratrol promotes liver health, thus helping the vital organ in detoxifying the body and shielding it from the dangers of cancer. What’s more, resveratrol also helps in the production of cyclooxygenase-2, which helps to diminish the occurrence of cancer cells within the body.



Mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional medicines around the world for their power to help with numerous maladies. Studies have revealed that several compounds in mushrooms have great anti-cancer properties. Experts add that there are plenty types of mushrooms that can help boost your immune system, so it’s good to know you’ve made a great choice regardless of the type of mushrooms you’re buying.



Hemp promotes the production of more melatonin, which makes it an ideal cancer-fighting ingredient. Hemp is very popular in regulating sleep and wake cycles. But the benefits don’t stop here, as hemp inhibits the growth of cancer cells and can prevent cancers related to the reproductive system.


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