Diet Myths Busted: What’s Fantasy and What’s Real with Popular Diet Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding popular diets. We have put together a few famous diet myths and we will reveal the truth about them. Hopefully, after reading this you will know more about dieting, eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle.


Famous Diet Myths


Diet MythsMyth #1: Skipping meals can help weight loss

Truth: Your body requires food for its energy needs and to stay warm. Maintaining a proper diet and eating regularly will keep your metabolism going strong, which prevents you from feeling hungry and craving unhealthy snacks. Skipping meals will confuse your body and make it think it is being starved. This puts your body into a state where it lowers metabolism and increases fat storage. Doing this persistently can, in the long run, permanently throw your metabolism off track and make is slow even with consistent meals.


Myth #2: Eating smaller meals throughout the day will boost metabolism and burn more calories

Truth: It’s a common misconception that eating smaller meals throughout the day will give your metabolism a boost. Studies have shown that eating the traditional 2 or 3 full meals every day brings the same amount of burnt calories as 5-10 smaller meals per day. The truth is small and frequent meals do work for some people, especially for those who feel the urge to constantly snack. A new study suggests that if you follow a high calorie diet, eat frequently or eat too much within a day there is a risk of increasing abdominal and liver fat.


Myth #3: Caffeine will boost metabolism

Truth: Most of the foods we ingest don’t affect our metabolic rate – unless they are in extreme amounts, such as dietary supplements. Caffeine can slightly increase your metabolic rate, but for a short period of time, which means it’s a boost that will not help you lose weight. Drinking coffee before working out can help you burn more calories, but drinking coffee alone is not enough to help you lose the belly fat. Some also choose to consume weight loss supplements containing coffee.


Myth #4: Pasta will make you fat

Truth: When beginning a low carb diet, the first thing you tend to do is to eliminate pasta. Indeed, pasta is full of carbs, but you are not getting fat because o this. The excessive amount of calories you intake is what makes you fat. You can consume pasta as much as you want as long as you keep an eye on what ingredients you add such as the sauce and cheese. Do portion control and avoid consuming pasta every day and surely you won’t gain weight by eating pasta.


Myth #5: Avoid saturated fat and trans fat

Truth: The World Health Organization puts trans-fat and saturated fat in the same category. They are almost unanimously labeled as unhealthy fats that should be avoided at all cost. The truth is trans-fats are bad for your health and can cause multiple problems, but saturated fat is safe.


Myth #6: Eating after 8pm will make you fat

Truth: Another myth is the after eight rule. Eating after 8pm, or even 6 pm as some say, will make you fat because your body digests food at a slower rate. But the thing with calories is they can’t tell the time so they don’t know if it’s night or day. The body, contrary to popular belief, digests food at the same rate throughout the day, be it morning, afternoon or night. This misconception comes from the idea that we are more active in the morning, therefore we burn more calories. As long as you watch what you eat at night, you’re safe. Eating an excessive amount of food, or fat food, will most likely ruin your sleep and cause indigestion.


By debunking these common diet myths, we hope you better understands how diets really work and what you can do to eat healthier.


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