Goodbye, Coke Zero! Hello, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar!

Coca-Cola announced that it will be replacing Coke Zero with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. Coke Zero has been around since 2005, but the Atlanta-based company decided to introduce a new formula.

Since 2016, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has been a hit in 25 countries around the world, including Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. Last year, Coke Zero made the list of top 10 soda brands, as sales increased by 3.5%. But internationally, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar had a double-digit growth and made Coca-Cola introduce the new drink in the United States as well.

The new drink comes in a time when the beverage industry is trying to keep up with consumer’s increasingly lower consumption of high-sugar drinks. According to Beverage Digest, soda sales were the lowest in 30 years in 2016.

Coke Zero was introduced 12 years ago in an effort to respond to the public’s decision to move away from Diet Coke — which dates back to the 80s and also aimed to mimic the original Coca-Cola. While Diet Coke was marketed towards female audiences, Coke Zero has been advertised in sporting events to draw out a male audience.

According to Coca-Cola, the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar recipe uses aspartame and acesulfame K in its recipe. The Washington Post reported that the diet soda market is in a decline since 2010 because some of the artificial sweeteners have been linked to stroke and dementia.


What’s the Difference Between Coke Zero and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar?

Both Coke Zero and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar make good sugar-free alternatives to Diet Coke, but the new formula will taste even more like the original Coca-Cola. While the packaging in both cases is mostly black, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar also added the iconic red Coca-Cola disc.

The company also mentioned that it will use the same artificial sweeteners in the new Coca-Cola zero sugar. While Coca-Cola didn’t release a full explanation or description, it specified that it changed the “blend of flavors”. Some Diet Coke fans asked the company on social media to reconsider its decision, but Coca-Cola’s team was actively responding that people will love the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. Of course, Coke Zero and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar have no calories.


Coca-Cola Announcement on Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

In a statement, the Coca-Cola company announced: “Coca-Cola Zero is already a great tasting drink, but we think with this new recipe, we’ve been able to get even closer to the taste of Coca-Cola Classic/Original Taste. Coca-Cola Zero is getting a new name, new look and even more delicious taste. The no-calorie fan favorite will deliver an even better-tasting recipe and now be called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.”

Coca-Cola added that it chose the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar name for its new drink because it aimed to be as “clear and descriptive as possible” in order to let consumers know that they’re enjoying a sugar-free beverage. The company also promises that: “The ingredients are the same but the taste is closer to Coca-Cola Classic, without the sugar.”

James Quincey, CEO of Coca-Cola, called investors last Wednesday morning and suggested that Coca-Cola Zero sugar is the “reinvention of Coke Zero”.


Coke Zero Fans on Twitter

Coke Zero fans took to Twitter to joke about the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Aaron Wiener, a comedy writer, said: “Comedy writer Aaron Wiener tweeted: “Coke Zero, which has zero sugar, is being replaced by Coke Zero Sugar, which also has zero sugar.”

Danny Homes also tweeted: “Coke is phasing out Coke Zero?? It’s time to go block a freeway on ramp somewhere! Who’s with me??”

@Mardigroan also joked about the situation, tweeting: “At Pepsi Headquarters: Coke is introducing a new Coca Cola Zero Sugar formula. Perhaps we should answer with no-taste Pepsi? Or no bubble?”

Max Meyers wrote a compelling review about the difference in taste: “My review of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar: same as the old one.”


Bottom Line

So, if you’re a Coke Zero fan, you’d better start stocking up now, while supplies last. You have until August to buy your supply of Coca-Cola zero from the shelves before the new formula is introduced.


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