Cognidepth Review: Should You Buy This Nootropic Supplement?

Cognidepth is an all-natural breakthrough formula created to boost focus, concentration, mental clarity, cognition, but also energy levels so that you have the fuel needed to stay motivated during your day. Basically, Cognidepth helps you unlock more of your brain power and reach your top potential.


cognidepthWhat Is Cognidepth?

Cognidepth is a nootropic supplement created to improve cognitive performance, function and health. Made from all-natural ingredients, Cognidepth can boost overall brain function, memory recall, focus, productivity, concentration, learning ability, motivation, alertness, processing speed, energy levels, mental clarity, awareness and problem solving ability. At the same tame, with Cognidepth you can experience reduced cognitive decline, brain fog, fatigue, forgetfulness, anxiety, stress, depression and panic attacks.

This doesn’t mean Cognidepth is magic pill that will turn you into the smartest person in the world overnight. But it can boost brain power and memory to make you more productive and also fight mental decline and prevent cognitive disorders. You still need to work your brain to improve cognitive function and retain information, but nootropics can definitely help you achieve that faster.


Do You Need Nootropics Such As Cognidepth?

Up until recently, we believed cognitive decline is something that hits us when we’re in our 60s or 70s, but recent studies show that decline can occur as early as your 20s and 30s. Natural causes (aging), stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors can lead to a decline of up to 60% in cognition and mental ability from ages 25 to 70. So, to prevent this from happening, what can one do?

It is known that nowadays, athletes boost their stamina, endurance, strength and game-time performance by using hormone accelerators and protein powders. Nootropics work on the same principle, but without the side effects. Scientists have developed these smart drugs, or cognitive enhancers, to improve brain function, focus, motivation, concentration, mental clarity and processing speed, but also to reduce age related cognitive decline, anxiety, brain fog, stress, depression and fatigue.

Nootropics, as a definition, are substances or supplements that work to improve mental performance and brain function, without side effects and are appropriate for long-term use. Nootropics are also known to protect against neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and ALS, but also to fight mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, psychosis and schizophrenia.


How Does Cognidepth Work?

To put it short, nootropics work by increasing blood flow to the brain, boosting brain energy, promoting neuroregeneration, affecting neurotransmitters, protecting the brain, and reducing stress. According to its official website, Cognidepth’s formula targets 3 important aspects of brain function.

Cognidepth Improves Memory Recall

Storing and recalling information accurately and rapidly are signs of top mental performance. Cognidepth enables memory recall so that you experience more sharpness and stay knowledgeable if you’re taking a test, facing a deadline or simply need to perform mentally. It doesn’t matter how old you are, remembering facts easier and taking better decisions under pressure are easier with Cognidepth.

Cognidepth Increases Focus and Motivation

With age and influenced by external factors, you start going through a decline in brain health and find it difficult to concentrate. Being a high-end nootropic, Cognidepth affects neurotransmitter function and communication, restoring the brain’s capability to focus. In turn, the ability to stay concentrated helps you reach you optimal performance so that you can remain motivated all day long.

Cognidepth Boosts Energy Levels

Having enough mental energy is required if you are to be productive. Cognidepth has been specifically formulated to deliver a much needed and rapid boost in energy to keep you alert, sharp and focused when you need to be. You can wave goodbye to those mid-afternoon crashes, as Cognidepth helps you blow them away, leaving you ready to face any demanding tasks that are thrown your way. And this effect lasts up to just before going to bed, keeping you focused and energized up until you close your eyes and turn in for the night.


Why Choose Cognidepth?

Cognidepth is affordable, natural, effective and safe, which is what makes it one of the most sought after cognitive enhancers.

Cognidepth’s formula contains proven ingredients that instantly deliver long lasting results to that you have that mental boost that helps you perform in every aspect of your life.

Cognidepth is easy to take, all that is needed being 1 capsule per day, in the morning, just as you are about to start your day.

Cognidepth is made with potent, all-natural ingredients that have been selected by top scientists to deliver optimal mental results.

Cognidepth’s mechanism of delivery is very effective, with the ingredients hitting the bloodstream immediately to promote improved focus, memory, energy, recall, processing speed and concentration and less stress, brain fog and anxiety.


Cognidepth Ingredients

Cognidepth contains 7 ingredients that are blended together to deliver one potent nootropic supplement.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort has been used since ancient times to treat nervous disorders, but is also known to reduce inflammation, sleep disorders and anxiety. It works by increasing the availability of brain chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, which are neurotransmitters that enhance mood. When brain chemicals don’t have an optimal balance, they can trigger an adverse effect and make you suffer from depression and anxiety.

St. John’s Wort is an herb commonly used to treat depression, with researchers who studied data from 29 international studies concluding it is effective in treating minor to moderate depression, with fewer side effects than most other prescription antidepressants.


Despite it not being an essential amino acid, L-Glutamine is still very important for brain health as it represents 30-35 per cent of the amino acids and nitrogen found in the blood. L-Glutamine fuels your brain cells and prevents brain damage by averting a buildup of ammonia in the brain and body.

Glutamate and GABA are two neurotransmitters that benefit from L-Glutamine, improving memory formation, recall and brain plasticity. The amino acid prevents neurons from over firing, thus being able to relieve stress and anxiety and promote relaxation, better sleep quality and focus. L-Glutamine also helps with reasoning, verbal fluidity, and creativity.

Bacopa Monnieri

Also called Brahmi, Bacopa Monnieri is a plant that’s commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine because it can be used to treat neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s epilepsy and schizophrenia. Bacopa has an effect on serotonin, GABA and acetylcholine (neurotransmitters), to enhance mood, relieve stress, reduce depression and anxiety. It also reduces inflammation in the brain, balances neurotransmitters and regulates blood pressure.

Having said that, Bacopa is mostly used to improve memory function in the young and elderly, with one study confirming it can improve speed of information processing, visual information processing and memory. The study claims Bacopa Monnieri “may improve higher order cognitive processes that are critically dependent on the input of information from our environment such as learning and memory.”

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, being excellent for health, beauty and weight loss, but this wonderful herb comes with great nootropic properties as well. After researching green tea, we now know it can stimulate new brain cells formation in key memory areas, enhance working memory, block specific proteins that can cause memory loss and reduce the progression of dementia. Green Tea is also known to increase energy levels, being high in caffeine, but without the jitteriness that usually occurs after consuming coffee.

EGCG, a compound in green tea, is a potent antioxidant that influences how short and long-term memory is handled, improving these two areas in the process. The ingredient increases connectivity between existing brain cells, increases neural activity, improves reaction times, enhances mood and protects against neurological disorders.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest tree species on earth, and can boost the utilization of oxygen, in turn improving concentration, mental faculties and memory. Ginkgo Biloba has the amazing ability of reversing cognitive decline, promotes concentration and can be used in the treatment of cerebral insufficiency, which can otherwise trigger low concentration, confusion, mood swings, headaches, fatigue and reduce physical performance.

Ginkgo has been used in the treatment of schizophrenia, depression, mood swings, panic attacks, stress, nervousness and mental disorders. There are studies that show this nootropic ingredient can boost memory y and cognitive performance in both older and younger adults and also help people recover faster from traumatic brain injuries.

N-Acetyl-L Carnitine HCL

ALCAR is an amino acid that has a role in metabolism, tolerance to stress, but can also positively impact brain health. Acetyl-L-Carnitine has the ability of crossing the blood-brain barrier and can improve processing speed, mental clarity, focus, memory, alertness and mood. The amino acid prevents brain aging and its ugly effects and can help with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

ALCAR also boosts noradrenaline levels to help your body deal with stressful events and serotonin levels to improve your overall mood. This ingredient protects the brain against free radical damage, reduces inflammation and protects against oxygen deprivation and toxins.

DMAE Bitartrate

DMAE is a naturally occurring substance with anti-inflammatory properties. DMAE can be obtained by regularly consuming fish, which will help your memory and the ability to solve problems. People who regularly consume foods or supplements containing this ingredient report boosts in focus, mood, memory recall and reasoning, but also lucid dreaming. Being an antioxidant, DMAE protects against harmful free radicals, helps with ADD, ADHD and depression.


Summary of Cognidepth

  • Boosts Focus and Mental Agility
  • Improves Mental Clarity and Memory Recall
  • Enhances Cognition and Productivity
  • Increases Awareness, Alertness and Processing Speed
  • Improves Problem Solving Ability, Reaction Time and Verbal Fluency
  • Reduces Cognitive Decline, Brain Fog and Forgetfulness
  • Diminishes Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • 100% Natural Product
  • Made in an FDA GMP certified laboratory environment
  • Made in the USA


Buying Cognidepth

At the moment, Cognidepth can be purchased online only. If you want to order this great nootropic, we suggest you do so only from the manufacturer’s official website. There are 3 packages to choose from.

  • 1 Bottle — $59.99 + $4.95 S&H
  • 3 Bottles — 119.95, which means $39.98/bottle
  • 5 Bottles — $188, which means 37.60/bottle


Final Score for Cognidepth: 9.2/10

Based on its list of ingredients, Cognidepth is one of the best nootropic supplements you can buy right now. There’s no doubt that nootropics give your brain a (sometimes) much-needed boost and protection, especially when facing brain-demanding tasks. Cognidepth contains seven potent ingredients that have been proven to help with several brain and memory related aspects so that you can access more of your brain’s potential.

With 60 capsules per bottle and a recommended dosage of one capsule per day (in the morning), one bottle should last for up to two months, so it’s good to know this before ordering. However, we recommend you go for the 3-bottle package, as this will save you money (plus no S&H) and you’ll be good to go for half a year with improved concentration, focus, energy levels, processing speed and productivity and less mental fatigue, brain fog, stress and anxiety. Here’s where you can place an order for Cognidepth.


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