Capsiplex Sport Review: Finally, a Performance Enhancer that Delivers

Capsiplex Sport boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and provides the necessary energy to keep you going strong throughout your workouts to build lean muscle mass. Let’s take a closer look at what Capsiplex Sport has to offer…


Capsiplex SportWhat Is Capsiplex Sport?

Capsiplex Sport is a new supplement that provides an energy the boost to maximize your workout sessions. It does that thanks to something called ‘thermogenic effect’ brought by the chili it contains. Capsiplex Sport promises to fire you up so you can keep going for longer when you work out, but it also reduces your appetite.

Capsiplex Sport can safely boost energy levels with the help of natural ingredients such as chili, which is guaranteed to turbo-charge your exercise. The supplement promises to help you get more trim and toned, increase stamina and overall strength.

Capsiplex Sport claims it is clinically proven and endorsed by customers and sports nutritionits alike. Simply take one capsule of Capsiplex Sport a day, 30 minutes before exercising and see the difference for yourself. This way you’ll maximize your workouts, get ripped faster and greatly increase your strength so you can pump more iron.


How Does Capsiplex Sport Work?

Capsiplex Sport ChiliCapsiplex Sport works by safely increasing your metabolism and by boosting energy levels while you exercise. It gives you the necessary fuel to start exercising, stay pumped at the gym and the effects even continue way past the time you finish and start relaxing.

  • Burn up around 278 extra calories per day. This energy boost helps you build lean muscle mass and tones your body – without experiencing advanced fatigue afterwards.
  • The potent chili formula creates a thermogenic reaction that burns fat and support lean muscle mass creation without side effects or discomfort. Through thermogenesis, your body increases the heat and requires more calories to function, thus burning stored fat.
  • Capsaicin also has the ability of stimulating lipolysis – the body’s process of breaking down fat and making it readily available for the body to use it as fuel
  • Helps increase strength and stamina without overdosing on caffeine.


Capsiplex Sport How To


Why Choose Capsiplex Sport?

So many people work out hard at the gym but the results aren’t what they were expecting. Capsiplex Sport helps you stay focused while you are at the gym so you can go longer, harder and get into the ideal shape you’ve always wanted.

One Capsiplex Sport capsule unleashes the thermogenic power of chilli peppers to prepare you physically and mentally to go all out in the gym. Chili is an incredibly powerful metabolism booster that helps control your body fat. The manufacturer claims that with only one capsule you can burn as much calories as you would in a 45-minute cycling session.

Whether you go once a week to the gym or you go almost every day, Capsiplex Sport enables you to get focused and energized to push yourself harder for longer. The formula of Capsiplex Sport contains proven ingredients that work effectively right from the first capsule. The ingredients are pure with no unpleasant side effects.


Capsiplex Sport Ingredients

The manufacturer says Capsiplex Sport contains proven and natural ingredients that really work. Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside these capsules…

Vitamin B3Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 (niacin) is used in the formula to enhance energy levels but also to provide other health benefits, including fighting physical and mental fatigue by helping with fat, carb and protein metabolism.


Piperine is what gives black pepper their hotness. Like in the case of chili, piperine will boost your metabolism, but also increase the bioavailability of essential nutrients from the foods you consume.


L-Arginine is a natural α-amino acid that helps the body with nitric oxide production, which can decrease during exercise and thus allow lactic acid to build up in your system. L-arginine helps restore nitric oxide levels, increasing blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your muscles. This provides you with more energy to burn during your workouts and recover faster after them.

Coffee BeansCaffeine

Caffeine is a renowned stimulant that makes you sharp quickly, but if you consume too much of it, you may end up regretting it. The amount of caffeine in Capsiplex is only equivalent to a large cup of coffee.


Besides these, there’s also magnesium, potassium and vitamin C to get rid of tiredness and enhance concentration levels to keep your circulatory system healthy maintain fluid and electrolyte levels.

The capsule of Capsiplex Sport delivers the chili safely into your system and there is only a small amount of caffeine so you won’t experience jitters or sweating. Similar pre-workout thermogenic energy-boosting products contain large amounts of caffeine and some rely solely on it for results. Besides the obvious negative effects this approach produces, in the long run you will need more and more of the stuff to experience the same energy boost.


Capsiplex Sport Results

A lot of dietary supplements make claims that they can’t back up, but the ingredients in Capsiplex sports have been tested by health specialists.

In a study at the University of Oklahoma, subjects took either Capsiplex or a placebo before exercising. The Capsiplex group experienced

  • 3 times more calories burned before exercise
  • 3% more calories burned during exercise
  • 12 times more calories burned for up to one hour after exercise

The subjects also had a 7.5% greater oxygen uptake during their work out and reported experiencing greater air flow after exercise than the placebo group. More oxygen in the muscles translates to improved endurance, strength and shorter recovery time between workouts. Capsiplex Sport increases resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure, but also burns carbs and fat.

Other studies on Capsiplex indicate that it lower cholesterol levels, glucose levels, blood triglycerides but also antioxidant effects.

The special coating in Capsiplex Sport allows for the Capsimax blend to be released, broken down and absorbed while avoiding burning sensations during bowel movements.


How Do You Take Capsiplex Sport?

You take one Capsiplex Sport capsule with water, 30 minutes before you start your exercise. This is not an energy drink that contains sugars and added calories that also make you feel bloated. There are no carbs or other harmful ingredients in Capsiplex Sport.


Is Capsiplex Sport Safe?

Capsiplex Sport BeadletIn short, yes. The clever thing about Capsiplex Sport is that it doesn’t deliver the chili to your body in a traditional way. Usually, people hear about chili being harmful for the gastric system and just imagine what eating a large quantity of fresh chilies would do to your stomach.

But Capsiplex Sport has a different way of functioning. The patented Capsimax® beadlet contains the capsicum extract in the middle of it, and this isn’t released until after it has travelled beyond the stomach. So, the good news is, even if your body doesn’t tolerate hot and spicy foods, you can take Capsiplex Sport without such risks. No irritation, no discomfort – this is what makes the supplement unique among chili-based products.

Capsiplex Sport does contain some caffeine, but this is in small amounts so it shouldn’t affect your sleep. It is also safe for diabetics and it does not interfere with thyroid medication such as thyroxin or the contraceptive pill. But, as with any dietary supplement, it is best to consult with your GP before starting with it.


Capsiplex Sport Summary

  • Increases strength, energy and focus
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Reduces appetite
  • Burn 278 more calories
  • Pure and tested ingredients
  • No side effects


Where to Buy Capsiplex Sport?

At the moment Capsiplex Sport can only be bought online. If you want to order it, we recommend you do so only from the official manufacturer. Follow this link to buy Capsiplex Sport.


Final Verdict on Capsiplex Sport: 9.5/10

Thanks to its potent ingredients, a single Capsiplex Sport capsule has the capability to improve your workouts and the results. From what we’ve read in terms of customers’ reviews, the increase in performance and the improvement in energy and focus could provide the best results you’ve ever experienced after taking a supplement.


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