8 Ways To Reduce Bloating

So, you have a big night tonight and you want to look slimmer? Here are 8 ways to look less bloated in a short period of time.


Kick Off the Day in Fashion

A lot of celebrities do this one trick for a reason: it simply works. To kick-start your digestive system and ensure everything starts working properly, drink a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning. For even more anti-inflammatory power, you can also sprinkle in some cayenne pepper or cinnamon.


Drink Only Water

Regardless of your drinking that warm water with lemon, you should stick to only drinking water during the day. Water helps prevent dehydration and constipation, which are common causes of bloating. Unlike other drinks such as soda and seltzer, which are full of sweeteners and carbonation, water does not contain any stomach-expanding ingredients.


Avoid Salt

This is a really obvious one: salt helps the body retain water, so you should stick to pepper if you want to lose weight and reduce bloating.


Steer Clear of Dairy

Lactose sensitivity is a common occurrence and way more present that you may think, even if you have a milder form. Consuming milk, yogurt or cheese can trigger negative side effects that include bloating and gas, but you shouldn’t give up on these foods completely, but you should take into consideration how your body might react ahead of an important event.


Eat Slowly

When you rush through your meals, you ingest more air, which obviously causes bloating. Chew slower and think about skipping the after-lunch gum, which possesses a similar effect.



Eat Wisely

Plenty of foods are good for reducing unpleasant bloating. Bananas are high in potassium and can flush excess sodium out of your system; asparagus promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria (like probiotics); and watermelons have potent diuretic properties since they contain 90 percent water.


Ice Your Face

If your face looks puffy, especially your eyes and cheeks, there’s one effective trick you can try: wrap an ice cube in a towel and rub over the affected areas. This reduces inflammation and makes you look more defined.


Do Some Stretching

Before going out, consider doing a yoga sequence that will increase your blood flow to the digestive tract, eliminating toxins from your internal organs. Another technique that will increase blood flow to the abdomen and soothe your muscles is an abdominal massage. It is also good for period cramps.



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