6 Ways To Lose Weight After The Holidays

Lose Weight After The Holidays


We all gain a few pounds during the holidays, but the good news is we can quickly lose that weight by simply following a few simple changes to your daily routine. These tweaks can help you shed the excess weight in as little as one week. By aiming high and deciding on being overly drastic you may be setting yourself up for failure, but small, achievable changes can make the world of a difference. To lose one pound in seven days, you will need to cut on at least 500 calories every day, either through diet or exercise. Here are a few tips to lose weight after the holidays.


Due A HIIT Workout At Home

To target your whole body, keep your heart going and keep on burning calories even after the exercising is over, you can try a high intensity workout at home. In just 25 minutes you can burn up to 500 calories by following this routine: 1 minute, 30 seconds of burpees, 1 minute, 30 seconds of squat jumps, 1 minute, 30 seconds of pendulums, 1 minute, 30 seconds of band jumps, 1 minute, 30 seconds of bicep curls with bands. Repeat this routine three times with a minute of rest in between reps.


Add Some Water To Your Orange Juice

Drinking a glass of OJ in the morning is a great source of vitamin C – which can decrease the severity of cold symptoms. To continue getting the same benefits with less calories, it is recommended filling your glass half full with orange juice and replacing the rest with seltzer. This will help you reduce almost 500 calories every week.


Drink A Smaller Coffee With Coconut Milk

If you usually start your day with a big latte with 2% milk, you should maybe thinking about switching to a smaller cup with coconut milk instead. This will help you reduce calories while also raising HDL “good” cholesterol due to a type of saturated fat inside coconut milk. This will help you lose 560 calories in just seven days.


Switch To Dark Chocolate

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, then you should switch the regular chocolate you eat, such as M&M’s, for two squares of dark chocolate. This can help you cut 600 calories per week, but also experience improvements in heart health and mood.



Sign up for an indoor cycling class. In a 45-minute session you can burn around 500 calories at your local gym. If you’re competitive and can’t take it slow, you can burn ever more calories than that.


Eat A Low-Calorie Breakfast

Change your bagel with an English muffin to cut 240 calories from your breakfast immediately and instead of flavoring it with butter, spread some avocado on the bread. Avocados contain good monounsaturated fats, which can reduce the risk of heart disease, plus you will save an additional 25 calories. If you do this just two times per week, you will save 530 calories.


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