6 Steps to Give Up Sugar

A lot of people are eating sugar like their hooked up on some sort of drug. Giving it up isn’t an easy thing to do, but if you want get rid of those extra calories filling up your life it can be done in just a few easy steps.

Get Rid of Sugary Drinks

The average person drinks around 40 pounds of liquid sugar each day which can amount to almost 70 000 calories. Drinks without any fibers, fillet with sweet such as sodas and coffee can cause your insulin levels to go up, making you crave more junk food. Try to get rid of these types of drinks for two months and just drink water.

Get Rid of Junk Food

Since we’ve mentioned junk food, it would be a good idea to get rid of all of it. Get rid of cakes, candy bars and any other similar food because they contain high amounts of added sugar. Start by giving up on the foods you eat most often and then gradually get rid of all the rest.

Watch Out for Fruits

People think that by eating fruits they are safe from any excess sugar but they are wrong. The fact that they provide you with good amounts of fiber and vitamins doesn’t mean that you can overlook the amount of glucose they have. It is recommended that you eat seeds and nuts alongside them to make sure that your insulin levels don’t go up, but in any case you shouldn’t exaggerate with them.

Get Rid of Alcohol

Although they don’t have a thing for sweets, drinkers consume a lot of sugar from alcohol and they don’t even notice it. If they would stop drinking alcohol for a few days they would notice the need for sugar. You should give up alcohol gradually, one glass at a time.

Reduce Simple Carbs

If you took into consideration all the previous points, you’ve managed to reduce your sugar intake by more than half. The next thing you want to do is reduce simple carbs. Think about all the refined foods you consume, such as crackers and white pasta, and start reducing them gradually. This way you will manage to reduce sugar levels even further.

Watch Out for Hidden Sugar

Despite giving up on all the known sources of sugar you might still be getting your sugar intake. The idea is to read carefully the food labels to see if they don’t contain any sugar. At the same time you might want to pay more attention to sugar free foods because they might have too many added carbs.

If you stick to these simple steps you should be able to give up sugar entirely without any problems. All you need to do is make sure you follow them.


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