5 High-Cholesterol Foods You Should Avoid  

Foods that are high in fat are the ones that raise the level of your cholesterol. Having a high cholesterol level is very dangerous, because it can lead to serious issues, such as clogged arteries and heart disease, which we all know are the precursory illnesses that precede something as serious as a stroke or heart attack. Therefore, it is a wise choice to avoid certain foods if you have high cholesterol. And even if you don’t, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious in advance and keep your health in top shape. Even though it is very easy to eat these foods in excess, because they are so widely-available and most of the time tasty, keep in mind that they can damage your health and be careful around them.

  1. Fatty meat and processed meat products

Meat and meat products that are high in fat are a no-go if you have high cholesterol. Pork and pork products such as pork chops, ham, bacon and sausages are especially dangerous, because pork is the fattiest type of meat on the market. Beef, veal and lamb are also something that should be avoided most of the time. Lean meats such as chicken and fish are the best choices in this case.

  1. Milk and dairy products

Milk and adjacent dairy products are also foods that have a high fat content. Depending on the product, this can be anywhere from 15% to as much as 80% in the case of luxury cheeses and processed cheese products, such as cream cheese sandwich spreads. Luckily, some low fat alternatives are available on the market, even though some of us might not find them as tasty as traditional fatty cheese.

  1. Eggs

In the case of eggs, statistics are rather forgiving. Eggs are generally not a threat if they are not consumed in excess. Bonus health points are added if they are also cooked in healthy ways. Therefore, one or two boiled eggs won’t hurt your health in any way, and can actually be a rather nutritious and filling meal. Problems will appear however if you eat excessive amounts of omelets or sunny side up fried eggs.

  1. Fast-food

Needless to say, fast-food type meals such as McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and so on are perhaps the fattiest and least healthy foods on this list. Even though they might be tempting because they are a quick and tasty way to fulfill your hunger, in the long run you aren’t doing your health any favors, especially when it comes to cholesterol.

  1. Snacks

Store-bought, prepackaged snacks such as potato chips, wafers, biscuits, pretzels, popcorn and roasted and salted seeds and nuts are also to be avoided if you suffer from high cholesterol levels. These are very dangerous because they aren’t only cheap, tasty and widely-available, but are also very easy to eat excessively. However, if you care about your health, you should make an effort and remove them from your diet as soon as possible.

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