5 Foods to Increase Collagen Levels  


foods to increase collagen levelsCollagen is perhaps one of the most important naturally-produced substances that keep our skin looking healthy and plump. It is the foundation of the connective tissue that supports our skin’s structure, and this makes it essential for young-looking skin. However, as we age, our bodies start to produce less and less of it, which leaves our skin looking old, dry and dull. This is why many anti-aging creams and other cosmetic products use collagen as their main active ingredient in the fight against aging. However, there also some foods that, due to the composition, help increase collagen levels in our skin. This article will present a few of the most popular ones.

  1. Fatty fish

Fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines help strengthen our skin cells due to their high content of omega-3 fatty acids. These beneficial acids can be found in the oils that these types of fish contain. They work very well at the level of the skin due to the fact that our skin cells are surrounded by a protective fatty membrane. By consuming foods loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, we can restore the health of our skin cells and achieve younger and healthier looking skin without the help of any additional products.

  1. Dark green vegetables

Dark green leafy veggies like spinach and kale are on trend in the healthy living community for a very good reason, and that is the many health benefits they have to offer. In the case of helping to keep our skin healthy and young-looking, their positive effects come from their high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is great in the fight against the aggresive enzymes that break down our skin’s collagen, and any food that contains it will be very helpful in this respect.

  1. Citrus fruit

Just as the aforementioned dark leafy green vegetables, citrus fruit like lemons, oranges and grapefruit are also very helpful in keeping our skin young and plump due to their high vitamin C content. These fruit are very popular in any diet, due to their versatility. They can be used in anything from juices and salads to sauces and other types of seasoning.

  1. Berries

Everyone’s favorite fruit category, delicious berries such as raspberries and blackberries are not only great in a variety of desserts, but also help keep your skin looking good and feeling young. They protect our skin cells from harmful free radicals and help boost collangen levels, so the next time you’re having a slice of that amazing raspberry pie, you can also rejoice in the fact that you will make your skin very, very happy.

  1. Garlic

Garlic possesses a great array of substances that are very helpful in boosting collagen levels. First and foremost, sulphur in a crucial chemical compound to collagen production, and garlic is one of the foods with the highest level of it. What is more, garlic also has taurine and lipoic acid, which help rebuild damaged collagen fibers. And the best thing about it is that it is so easy to include in just about any meal.

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