15 Ways to Quickly Burn 100 Calories or More

Yes, 100 calories may not seem like much, but burning 100 here and 100 there add over the course of a day and even a week. Burning extra calories can be achieved with less intense activities, and you don’t need to bother yourself with sweaty cardio. Here are 15 ways to burn 100 calories or more in no time!


Mow the Lawn — this chore can help you burn calories in no time. Simply go outside and guide the lawn mower through your yard to lose up to expend 120 calories in 20 minutes, or 360 in an hour.

Cook — dicing, chopping and cleaning up after yourself for 40 minutes can help you burn 128 calories, which is perfect before dinner.

Dance — playing a video game that involves dancing for 20 minutes can help you burn off 107 calories. However, there’s a chance you won’t be able to stop, and play it until you lose more weight.

Clean Your Bathroom — cleaning your bathroom for 25 minutes or so can help you get rid of up to 107 calories. Listening to music while completing this chore can help you burn even more calories, as dancing helps you lose more weight.

Paint — if you can’t find your peace at home, switch off the TV, ditch your smartphone and try painting. Expressing yourself on the canvas or choosing a different color for your living area can help you burn 120 calories every 35 minutes.

Clean the Floors — if your living area, bathroom or kitchen needs a good cleaning, remember that you can burn 115 calories every quarter of an hour you scrub them.

Read — whether you’re reading a magazine or a good book, this activity can help you burn up to 100 calories every 65 minutes. While reading is not labor-intense, we do spend a lot of mental energy while acquiring knowledge.

Hang Some Paintings or Photos — yes, probably it’s not realistic to hang photos and paintings every time you need to quickly burn some calories, this activity can come in handy if you’re moving. Spending 30 minutes to improve the appearance of your house can help you burn 107 calories.

Vacuum — this activity can help you burn 100 calories in 35 minutes. If you tighten your abs while moving around the house with the vacuum, you also hit your core muscles and improve your abs.

Stand Up — choosing to stand up instead of standing can burn an extra 100 calories in just 40 minutes. If it seems tough to accomplish, do 4 rounds of 10 minutes each.

Move Around — while you’re at work, you can do some photocopies yourself and move around the office before returning to your desk. You can also choose to personally deliver a message to one of your workmates rather than texting or mailing. Walking around the office add up to 119 burned calories in just 40 minutes.

Take the Stairs — instead of riding the elevator, climb a few flights of stairs and burn a whopping 116 calories every 15 minutes. There’s no running involved here, so you won’t sweat, plus this mild exercise will give you a more positive outlook on life.

Organize Your Desk — rearranging and shuffling things around on your desk is a great way to start your workday. Decluttering and cleaning your desktop can eliminate 120 calories for every 30 minutes you spend on the task.

Shop for Clothes — searching for the right outfit for a party and trying on a bunch of new clothes will guarantee you burn more than 100 calories every 30 minutes. Remember, you don’t have to actually buy anything, while the benefits are great.

Bike Around — taking your bicycle around the corner to do some shopping or running errands will help you burn 119 calories in just 25 minutes.





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