11 Weight Loss Tips from People Who Have Lost 100 Pounds

Weight lose can be very difficult, there’s no question about it, but sometimes you need a little boost. Here are a few tips from people that have lost close to 100 pounds, or, in some cases, even more.


Start Lightly

“I started jogging or even walking for 15 minutes every day. I managed to work up to 30 minutes and gradually increased it from there.”


Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits

“When I was overweight, nearly obese, I used to eat sandwiches, bread, pasta, basically I had pasta at every meal. Plus French fries. Such a diet can’t help you lose weight. What I did was switch those three large meals for six smaller ones, mostly consisting of lean meats, salads and nuts. And I eliminated bread altogether.”


Fight The Plateau

“I think back when I came across the first plateau… how I felt so powerless and demotivated. The thing is you have to pull yourself up and fight through, put in the effort and you’ll reap the rewards. Don’t get discouraged.”


Figure Out What Your Favorite Meal Is And Eat It All The Time

“Back in college, I used to research what the options were in the dining hall, trying to find a healthy alternative. The best I could come up with was a whole wheat bread turkey sandwich with mustard. I used to eat it for lunch and dinner. It helped me get my mind off food because it was my go-to choice, thus I had more time to focus on studying.”


Challenge Yourself

“I finally grasped that plenty of the calories I consumed each day came from drinks, and so did the sugar. Naturally, I tried to ditch sugary drinks for 30 days. After the first week, which was a success, I decided to eat less carbs, switching to brown rice, from white, and to wheat bread.”


Be Prepared If You Work Late Hours

“When I was at my heavies, I used to get at home past 9 p.m. and probably the only thing that made me feel better was fast food. Now I pack foods and snacks to work so that I avoid getting into a state that can lead to making poor food choices.”


Share Restaurant Meals With A Friend

“When you split restaurant meals, you eat less because you’re not always tempted to eat what’s left on your plate. If there’s no one with me, what I do is split the meal in half and put half of the portion into a takeout box.”


Update Your Old Favorites

“I’ve always enjoyed French fries and burgers, but in time I realized I had to make healthier choices, though I tried to keep some sort of familiarity to my favorite dishes. So, I decided to switch to sweet potato fries and turkey burgers with wheat bread.”


Get Ready For Heavier Meals

“When I know I’ll have a heavier dinner, either at home or out in the town, I prepare by eating lighter meals during the day. I usually have a smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch. It will help you get skinnier, faster.”


Ditch Bad Snacks

“I used to consume candy bars and chips all day long, but now I snack six times daily. The new snacks include pistachios, shakes, protein bars, low-fat string cheese and celery sticks with low-fat peanut butter.”


Choose Better Salads

“Most of the time I eat at home, but when I go out at restaurants, I usually have salads. I used to eat tacos, fries and burgers, but now I settle for a salad without any croutons and low-fat dressing on the side.”



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