11 Tips to Stay Thin Through the Holiday Season (Part 2)

Stay Thin Through the HolidaysAs we’ve written in our previous article, keeping your weight through the holidays can be pretty tough. Here are 5 more tips to stay thin through the holidays.


Burn calories while shopping

Entering your credit card information while shopping online won’t help you burn calories, but this may do the trick (and also prevent you from spending too much): “Every time you buy something, do 10 squats and 10 burpees,” says Adam Rosante, personal trainer and founder of The People’s Bootcamp. “If you’re shopping for a dress at the mall, you can do 12 triceps dips right in the fitting room. It may sound funny but it works as you don’t need a lot of time to get a great workout.”


Have a morning-after overindulging plan

Everyone has moments of weakness, but if you overeat, get in the right mindset quickly so your body doesn’t suffer for weeks. Harley Pasternak, the personal trainer of Rihanna and Megan Fox and author of The Body Reset Diet, says: “If I’ve had a big meal the night before, the next day I promise to walk 10,00 steps and eat fiber and protein up to five times a day.” This mix will help contain your persistent belly pain.


Sip this and skip that

A festive cocktail is a must at parties. “Just avoid holiday drinks made with butter, eggs or heavy cream, which resemble desserts with a side of alcohol. Choose simple drinks with fewer ingredients instead, and take small sips rather than gulping,” explains Cynthia Sass, RD.

Skip: Hot buttered rum (240 cals/11g fat per mug)

Cosmopolitan with candy cane (273 calories per glass)

Sip: Mulled wine (160 calories per glass)

Champagne (80 calories per glass)

Work off dessert!

The treat: 3 squares of peppermint bark: 200 calories
Burn it off! 35-minute brisk walk: 208 calories

The treat: 3 milk chocolate truffles: 220 calories

Burn it off! 45-minute cardio/sculpt workout video: 214 calories

The treat: 3 Christmas cookies: 360 calories

Burn it off! 45-minute spin class: 455 calories
The treat: 1 slice of coffee cake: 550 calories
Burn it off! 90 minutes of skiing: 568 calories
The treat: 1 slice of pecan pie: 503 calories
Burn it off! 1 hour of ice-skating: 500 calories


Little bites add up

2 peppermint malted milk balls: 68 calories

2 1-inch macaroons: 70 calories

2 chocolate-dipped strawberries: 74 calories

2 goat cheese and hot pepper jelly bites: 79 calories

1 tablespoon of chocolate-chip cookie dough: 90 calories
1 small handful of mixed nuts: 100 calories
2 Swiss cheese and spinach mini quiches: 116 calories



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